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Henderson County Public Library Volunteer Recruitment Procedures

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Henderson County Public Library! Volunteers are an integral part of the library and help out in many areas. Please fill out the applications below so we can know a bit more about your interests.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Please note that opportunities may be limited by availability and by branch location. Examples

Standard requirements
  1. Must be 14 years of age or older.
2. Be free of criminal convictions pertaining to juveniles.
3. Give consent to background check.
4. Be a library patron in good standing (no lost items on record)

Procedures for becoming a volunteer

1. Come to the Henderson County Public Library branch of interest and complete both a Henderson County Volunteer Services Application and Henderson County Public Library Supplemental Application. A sample shelving test is included with the application for the applicant's reference. A test similar to this may be administered during the orientation process to determine suitability for the particular service or task required.
2. Return the completed applications to the service desk with a valid form of identification. Staff will confirm the ID provided and talk more about the applicant's interests.
Note: At the main branch, please return applications to the service desk and ask to speak with a volunteer coordinator.
3. If there is not an immediate need at the branch to which an applicant first applies, there may be other branches looking for volunteers. Speak with branch staff or a volunteer coordinator about opportunities at other branches or in other departments.
4. If there is a need in the applicant's area(s) of interest, the appropriate supervisor will contact them. Applicants will need to return to the library or the human resources department to complete a consent form for a background check.
A social security number is required to perform a background check.
5. Henderson County Human Resources will perform a background check and notify the supervisor that they can proceed with the volunteer process.

  1. Volunteers may be required to complete skills tests to determine suitability for the desired service or task.
A sample shelving test is attached to the HCPL supplemental application.
2. if approved, the volunteer will receive a tour of their assigned area of the building and meet all necessary staff members. Each volunteer will be given one-on-one training with staff members and/or other volunteers until they feel comfortable completing assigned tasks on their own.
3. Each volunteer will have their own sign in sheet in each department that they work within. All volunteers must sign-in when they arrive in the department and sign-out when they leave. Volunteers must also wear their assigned name tag while volunteering.

Before beginning their service, volunteers must understand that while at the library they are representing Henderson County Public Library and Henderson County and as such the following basic rules of conduct must apply.
  1. To remain courteous at all times to patrons and staff.
2. To remain free of alcohol and drugs.
3. To maintain confidentiality at all times in respect to any library and/or patron information they are exposed to while serving as volunteers.